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Ascari Peccio shines as the two-year-old queen at the Hanshin Juvenile Fillies: Results of the highly anticipated major race in the horse racing world

Ascolipiccheeno secured her title as the 2-year-old queen in the 75th Hanshin Juvenile Fillies (GⅠ). Expectations were high for this great race held on the 10th at Hanshin Racecourse. Ascolipiccheeno was seen as a leading candidate to win on the richly flavored classic turf course of 1600m.

Her recent late drive shown in the Shira Chrysanthemum Award was undeniably excellent, and its strength remained unchanged even in a slow-paced development, making Ascolipiccheeno’s victory almost certain. On the other hand, horse-racing fans were waiting for Corazon Beat, the winner of the Keio Cup 2-year-old S, to show something special in this race.

Also of note was the prediction by the beautiful ticket maker Mamiya Masaya. She proposed the following order in her predictions for all races, including this one: ◎ Stellenbosch, ◯ Catfight, △ Corazon Beat, ☆ Saphira, △ Ascolipiccheeno, △ Lucifer, △ Spring Nova.

This year’s Hanshin Juvenile Fillies drew attention to whether the athletes could maintain their sustained results, and anticipation and tension rose. The results of this race are expected to have a significant impact on the next year’s horse racing season.


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