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Integration of My Number Card and Health Insurance Card: Progress and Challenges

The My Number card is a personal identification card distributed by the Japanese government to all citizens. Each card is assigned a unique 12-digit number, and this number is used in various fields such as taxation, social security, and disaster prevention.

Currently, steps are being taken towards integrating health insurance cards and My Number cards. A health insurance card is presented at medical facilities at the time of consultation, proving the individual’s insurance status. However, with the integration of the current health insurance card and My Number card, it will be possible to manage this information with a single card.

On the other hand, some elderly people and medical professionals have raised concerns about the transition. The application and management of the My Number card require a PIN, which some elderly people find difficult to set up. In addition, if the entry of the necessary PIN for the My Number card is difficult, it will be difficult to check one’s pension and medical information.

Furthermore, troubles such as incorrect information linking have occurred due to the integration of the My Number card and health insurance card. In response to these problems, the government has announced a plan to conduct a thorough check of the My Number card and correct discrepancies and errors.

The Prime Minister is pushing for a transition to the integrated ‘My Health Insurance Card’ by abolishing the health insurance card by next fall. This integration is expected to centralize card management, but it also needs to solve the problems mentioned above.

As described above, the integration of the My Number card and the health insurance card brings about new challenges along with improved convenience. Efforts to resolve these issues will be the focus in the future.


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