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All Japan 2-Year-Old Derby: A dirt battlefield awaiting a new star, opening on December 13, 2023 at Kawasaki Racecourse.

The ‘All Japan 2-Year-Old Championship’ to be held at Kawasaki Racecourse on Wednesday, December 13th, 2023, is a premier dirt racing event that brings together all of Japan’s 2-year-old racehorses. The race is conducted on a 1600m dirt track, and the winner of the day is often touted as the new star for the upcoming year, making it a significant race.

Last year’s champion, Delma Sotogake, has soared on the global stage and achieved an impressive feat by finishing second in the BC Classic this autumn. This accomplishment attests to the fact that the ‘All Japan 2-Year-Old Championship’ is a world-class race.

The 12 two-year-old horses that will compete in this event are striving hard to weave a new legend. The trainers, too, are staking their hopes and expecting an astonishing performance. Hidenori Otonashi-trained Eagle Noir is said to exhibit particularly adaptability to situations different from the previous, actively utilizing its leading ability and revealing suitability for mile races.

Looking at the past five years, the odds-on favorite has a show rate of 60%, but the results have been somewhat unsatisfactory when it comes to serving as the backbone of the exacta. On the other hand, the second favorite has a place rate of 60%, which can be considered reliable. Horse racing fans will surely reference these statistics when placing their bets.

The race is scheduled to start at 8:10 pm. A large number of horse racing enthusiasts are eagerly looking forward to this event. The All Japan 2-Year-Old Championship will continue to produce new heroes, thereby injecting vibrancy into the horse racing world in the years to come.


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