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Geminid Meteor Shower: A Spectacular Celestial Event Set to Dazzle with 120 Shooting Stars per hour

Renowned as one of the best and most reliable celestial spectacles of the year, the annual Geminid meteor shower is set to peak this week. During this time, stargazers are in for a delight as skywatchers may see around 120 shooting stars per hour under clear and perfect conditions.

The Geminids’ reliable performance and prolific showing are some of the reasons it’s highly valued by astronomers and stargazers alike. It’s a product of 3200 Phaethon, an asteroid as discovered by Harvard astronomer Fred Whipple, who had his first encounter with the phenomenon in October 1983. Since then, the annual occurrence of the Geminids has been a much-awaited event in astronomical cycles.

NASA has consistently echoed the spectacle’s significance, terming the Geminid meteor shower as one of the year’s “best and most reliable annual meteor showers”. With around 100 to 120 meteors spotted per hour, it indeed sets a prolific scene against the night sky.

This year, the viewing conditions are expected to be especially favorable due to the new moon of December 2023 which offers darker skies, making it easier for skywatchers to catch the Geminid meteor shower. This annual show of the cosmos has always been a testament to the wonders of the universe, drawing in stargazers worldwide in anticipation of a night of stunning beauty.


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