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Japanturfa shines in victory at the 75th Asahi Futurity Stakes: The alignment of predictions and results delights horse racing fans

At the 75th Asahi Cup Futurity Stakes held at Hanshin Racecourse, each race, particularly the popular horses in the mile grade, attracted attention. This year, the Asahi Cup FS ∙ G1 and the Hopeful S were distinguished which resulted in a tendency of strong mile performances from short distances.

Among them, Gental Mantal, who won the Daily Cup 2-year-old S, and Strauss, who won the Tokyo Sports Cup 2-year-old S, particularly gained popularity. As expected, Gental Mantal claimed victory and shone as the 2-year-old mile king of this year.

In all races of Hanshin horse racing, predictions were made public by Kenichi Nomoto and Keitaro Sekine, reporters of Nikkei horseracing. Furthermore, a horse racing critic who is a former Kasamatsu JRA jockey boasting a total of 4464 wins was also closely observing the races this day.

Moreover, the analysis by ‘Deep’s’ ‘Predictive Blend Machine’ was also helpful. By using this tool, we can get insights on how the impressions of horse racing should be assigned.

The victory of Gental Mantal, which matched perfectly with the pre-race reputation, was a delightful result for horse racing fans. We look forward to the continued success of promising young horses in the future.


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