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New Cast Addition: Saki Fukuda and Kenta Kamakari to appear in the special effects drama ‘Kamen Rider Gatchard’.

New additional cast members have been announced for the special effects drama ‘Kamen Rider Gatchard’. The participation of actress Saki Fukuda and actor Kenta Kamakari has been confirmed.

Fukuda and Kamakari’s appearances will begin from the 16th episode ‘Crisis Xmas! Orochi Incident’ to be broadcasted on December 24th. The special effects drama ‘Kamen Rider Gatchard’ is broadcasted every Sunday at 9 am on TV Asahi.

Fukuda commented, ‘I watch special effects…,’ expressing her affinity and anticipation for special effects dramas. The news of Fukuda’s participation was revealed on December 17th.

The future of ‘Kamen Rider Gatchard’ is expected to further unfold with the joining of new cast members. It appears that must-see episodes for special effects drama fans continue.


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