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Final episode of ‘The Underdog Baseball Kid’ starring Ryohei Suzuki records a rating of 9.5% with its thrilling conclusion.

The drama ‘Underdog Baseball Kid’ starring Ryohei Suzuki, aired its final episode on the 17th. This popular drama, which was broadcast on the TBS network every Sunday at 9 pm, recorded high viewership ratings with an average household rating of 9.5% and an individual rating of 6.1%.

‘Underdog Baseball Kid’ is a sports drama about a small-town high school aiming for the national baseball tournament, Koshien. The story highlights how the Koshozan High School baseball team, led by the character played by Ryohei Suzuki, overcome overwhelming disadvantages to make it to Koshien. In the final episode, Koshozan High School concluded a closely contested game against Seiyoh High School with a walk-off win, achieving an underdog victory to become number one in Japan.

However, it was revealed that participating in the Koshien tournament required substantial funds. Despite this hurdle, the team members demonstrated their unity and succeeded in earning a place at Koshien. ‘Underdog Baseball Kid’, depicting the passionate drama of the players challenging games they absolutely cannot afford to lose, evoked a strong emotional response from many viewers.

In the story’s closing scene, Ryohei Suzuki and co-star Hana Kuroki shot a large-scale location scene at Hanshin Koshien Stadium. With the green Alps Stand, a symbol of Koshosan High School, in the background, they shared the joy of making it to Koshien.

The final episode of ‘Underdog Baseball Kid’ sparked a lot of feedback, and there is no doubt that the heated game developments and the emotional finale left a strong impression on viewers.


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