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Tokyo Metropolitan Police Enhance Safety Measures in Shinjuku’s Toei Area for Youth – 29 Runaway Boys and Girls Taken into Custody

The area known as ‘To-Yoko’ in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, is nationally known as a gathering place for homeless children and young people. Many of the young people known as ‘To-Yoko Kids’ have run away from home, and it has become a problem that they get involved in incidents at this place where they gather late at night.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department conducted a mass guidance in the To-Yoko area before the winter break to prevent these young people from getting involved in crimes and troubles. Specifically, guidance was conducted for young people including elementary school students who wander around Kabukicho late at night. As a result, a total of 29 boys and girls were guided in December. It was revealed that about 70% of them were visitors from outside the city.

The results of this guidance were announced on the 17th, suggesting that the creation of a safe environment for young people will continue in the future. The Metropolitan Police Department carried out three weekend mass guidances this month in this area where runaways gather, to prevent troubles. It is required to continue such efforts and prevent young people from getting involved in dangerous situations.

As mentioned above, the Metropolitan Police Department is making efforts to prevent crimes and troubles in the area called To-Yoko, but the problem is serious, and a system to support young people is needed not only by the police but also by society as a whole. Furthermore, it is required to strengthen the support system in collaboration with various institutions so that young people who have run away from home can live in a safe place.


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