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Miyoko Asada Reveals Years-long Career and Close Relations – Touches on the depth of her entertainment life and shares episodes with Shuji Igawa of comedy duo ‘Iwaigawa’

Recently, actress Miyoko Asada (67 years old) made a guest appearance on Fuji TV’s Pokapoka. During the show, she shared anecdotes from her long career, particularly touching on her close relationship with Shuji Igawa, one half of the comedic duo Iwaigawa, with whom she has had a standing association of over 45 years.

Asada mentioned that she once worked together with Igawa and was drawn to his unique character. She recalled her initial impression of him as a bit strange but added that she loved this about him. She shared that they spent a lot of time together on set which strengthened their bond.

Additionally, Asada revealed that she was once advised by a fellow actor that acting involves interacting with a variety of people. She took that advice to heart and proved its implementation when she showcased a completely blank script while co-starring with Kenichi Hagiwara.

Furthermore, in the program, Asada also discussed her sentiment when she divorced in 1977. After her marriage to a folk singer-songwriter ended in divorce, she shared the profound insights she gained from the experience with the audience.

In the studio, the former apprentice Igawa exposed episodes about Asada’s natural personality, livening up the atmosphere. In a sense, this broadcast highlighted the depth of Miyoko Asada’s humanity and her life in the entertainment industry.


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