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Daihatsu Industries discovers an additional 174 cases of certification fraud related to the national scandal – impacts production, shipment stoppage, and Toyota

Daihatsu Motor Co. announced that it has discovered an additional 174 cases of certification fraud. This involves existing and under-development models, including the two models reported in May, and Daihatsu is earnestly investigating all raised issues.

The fraudulent practices included test data fabrication, misuse, and tampering by persons in charge of testing, resulting in false information being included in experimental reports. This can compromise the accuracy and reliability of the products, and potentially put consumer safety at risk.

To address this issue, Daihatsu temporarily halted the shipment of all its models. A total of 64 models and 3 engines, including discontinued models, are affected. This measure demonstrates the seriousness of Daihatsu’s response to safety-related fraud issues.

Daihatsu is a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation, and this shipping suspension directly impacts Toyota. Upon receiving the report from Daihatsu, Toyota is considering specific measures to resolve the issue.

The focus going forward will be on how Daihatsu and Toyota Motor tackle the problem, as well as the impact on the consumers and the industry.


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