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Winter Cup 2023: The Ultimate Challenge and Stage of Growth for High School Basketball

The Winter Cup 2023 was held, garnering attention from high schools nationwide. On the opening day of December 23rd, 48 matches of the first round were scheduled for both boys and girls. The opening game was held at Musashino Forest Sports Plaza.

In particular, the results of the Inter-High held in the summer drew attention in the women’s division. Among them, the female representative of Fukui, Ashiwa, played against Saitama Sakae, winning 93-84 and showing their strength by advancing to the second round.

Moreover, the real-time coverage of the Winter Cup 2023 games was provided by a service called Player!, presented by Ookami Corporation. It was available for viewing on the internet alongside the television broadcast, providing basketball fans across the country the opportunity to keep up with the progress of games and gather information about notable players.

The theme of this tournament was SoftBank Winter Cup 2023, and each game was fiercely fought. Many high school students competed hard, and their efforts greatly impressed the audience.

The 76th tournament in Reiwa 5 is a valuable arena where students challenge their limits and show moments of growth. Not only the outcomes of the games, but also the improvement in the students’ skills and their mental growth were noticed. This made the tournament an event full of highlights that will contribute to the future development of each school.


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