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Fortnite OG: A Sensational Return to Classic Gameplay in Chapter 4 Season, Reviving Memories and Shaping New Experiences

Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season OG, affectionately known as Fortnite OG, marks a sensational return to the roots of this popular game’s series. The game rolls back the years, letting players experience classic moments with the inclusion of original aspects.

The season brings back the opportunity to drop in the original Fortnite Island once again. The classic map from Chapter 1 has been reintroduced with timeless landmarks like Tilted Towers bringing back 2018’s nostalgia. Moreover, the map is dynamic and is set to change every week, introducing new areas for the players to explore.

The game’s old school weaponry has also made a triumphant return. Unleash nostalgia with the original Assault Rifle. Ride through the streets of Tilted Towers with Shopping Carts or grapple over to Greasy Groves. ATKs and the Baller also add to the mix of erstwhile tools in the season.

The OG Season introduces a new OG Pass, a time-traveling turbo Season ticket filled with interesting content for gamers. All eyes are on the new OG Shop, a rewind edition of the Item Shop presenting players with a chance to grab classical cosmetic items.

Lastly, the Fortnite OG Season underlines a sense of transience. Gamers are encouraged to buy any cosmetic items that catch their eye before they’re no longer available.

With these features, Fortnite OG truly reminds players why they fell in love with the game. It’s time to jump in, relive memories and create new ones with Fortnite OG.


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