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2023 Record Award: Recognition of the Year’s Best Musician and Future Perspectives

The Record Awards is one of the most important awards in the Japanese music industry, with many musicians striving to achieve this honor. This grand event that rewards the music that resonates throughout the year will also be held in 2023.

The 2023 Record Awards will be broadcast live from 5:30pm on December 30th on the TBS network. The 4 and a half hour broadcast will feature introductions and performances from the award-winning and nominated artists.

In this year’s Record Awards, Ado and 10 other artists have been listed as candidates for the Excellent Work Award. Among them, JUJU, who won the Best Singing Award, is particularly drawing attention.

Year-end holidays are a time when television becomes even more lively, and the Record Awards are recommended for viewers, lining up with big music and variety specials, popular documentaries, and more.

However, since the mid-2010s, the selection methods for each award have been questioned almost every year, so they are carefully watched by viewers. Therefore, it is demanded to provide an opportunity for artists to do their best while maintaining the transparency and fairness of the awards.

This time, the hosts are actor Haruna Kawaguchi, who is making her first appearance, and TBS announcer Shinichiro Azumi. How these two will proceed and how they will maintain fairness is drawing attention.

In conclusion, we have provided an overview of the Record Awards, a music festival that leaps energetically from the small screen. It’s exciting to see which artists will win which awards, or if new talent will emerge.


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