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2024 New Year’s Sunrise and Weather Forecast: Anticipating a beautiful first sunrise, paying attention to the information about the first sunrise and weather in various regions.

The arrival of 2024 is expected to present a particularly beautiful sunrise, especially on the Pacific side. Many people begin the New Year by witnessing the first sunrise, a special day marking the start of the New Year. Along with the New Year’s resolution of ‘Let’s do our best this year!’, viewing the first sunrise is one of the traditional customs in Japan.

However, depending on the region, caution may be required due to possible significant weather conditions. Particularly in Hokkaido, mid-winter like cold is anticipated. In contrast, in areas from Tohoku to Kyushu, the cold is said to be relatively mild for this time of year.

By dawn on January 1st, the weather may become very unstable. Particularly on the Sea of Japan side, effects of cold air aloft could lead to rains, lightning, tornadoes, gales, and hail, so caution is advised.

Specific sunrise times are announced by the National Astronomical Observatory every year, and you can check the detailed schedule for major cities. For instance, they compile information such as the timing of the first sunrise and weather details for the Kinki region.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the marine research vessel ‘Kaimei’ of the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, some 1900 kilometers away from the main island of Japan off Minamitori Island, will be conducting surveys of the rare earth and is expected to celebrate the New Year at sea.

Lastly, according to Weather News, a meteorological information company based in Chiba City, January 1st is likely to be sunny along the Pacific side of the Japanese archipelago due to a temporary winter pressure arrangement, providing a higher chance for a beautiful sunrise.

Please prepare thoroughly for the arrival of the first sunrise, which will decorate the beginning of the New Year, using information about local weather and sunrise times.


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