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Aladdin X releases iOS version of the popular puzzle game ‘Watermelon Game’, pursuing fun on smartphones.

Aladdin X has released the ‘Watermelon Game’ for iOS. The ‘Watermelon Game’ is a fruit-themed puzzle game that is incredibly popular on the Nintendo Switch. This game is available exclusively on iOS starting from January 1, 2024. The price is 240 yen including tax, providing smartphone users with even more convenience and enjoyment.

The highly acclaimed ‘Watermelon Game’ for smartphone users is a falling puzzle game, where you aim for the highest score by aligning and combining various fruits. The game focuses on players strategically combining fruits to earn points. In turn, players can test their abilities and strategies, making it possible to play the game for hours without getting bored.

This port clearly shows the differences from the Nintendo Switch version through its early gameplay. As a result, each player can select the device that best suits their playstyle.

Aladdin X established this release to allow smartphone users to enjoy the ‘Watermelon Game’ anywhere. With the gaming industry increasingly shifting towards mobile, Aladdin X has managed to maintain the fun of the games already released for the Nintendo Switch while also accommodating this common trend.

The emergence of the new ‘Watermelon Game’ for smartphones allows players to enjoy the game solely on their mobile devices. The combination of abundant gameplay and fun puzzle-solving is considered a benchmark for game enthusiasts.


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