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Kelly Clarkson’s Bold Transition: From LA Heartbreak to a Fresh Start in NYC and her Inspiring Journey Towards Mental Wellness and Weight Loss

Kelly Clarkson, renowned singer and talk show host, recently made a significant shift by relocating with her children, River Rose and Remington Alexander, to New York City for Season 5 of her hit show. This move was prompted by her quest for a “fresh start” post her “unhappy” experience in Los Angeles.

Clarkson, the winner of “American Idol” openly speaks about her mental health, shedding light on her lifestyle decisions. Choosing a healthier lifestyle, the singer cited the need to address mental wellness, and her diet played a major part in this transition. Clarkson’s weight loss journey, guided by her doctor’s advice, has sparked curiosity from her fans who are eager to know her weight loss secrets.

The talk show host also indulged in a candid discussion on her past relationship, where she confessed that she “never wanted to get married”. Her marriage was influenced by her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock’s wishes, given his religious background and children from a previous relationship.

Post her tough divorce, Clarkson was grateful for her latest album, “Chemistry”, providing a healthy outlet for her emotions. While reflecting at her life post-divorce, Clarkson maintains her stance on marriage, reaffirming that she ‘never wanted to get married the first time’ to Blackstock. Irrespective of her past, her move to NYC and a healthier lifestyle seem to embody her resilience perfectly.


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