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Toyama Marathon 2023: A sense of accomplishment in overcoming a challenging course and the warm welcome from locals, attracting 16,000 runners from across Japan

The Toyama Marathon 2023 was held on a memorable 5th day as the largest full marathon event in the prefecture. The course starts in front of Takaoka City Hall, passes through the Shinminato Bridge in Imizu City, and finally reaches Tomioka Canal Ring Water Park in Toyama City, a journey of 42.195 kilometers in total.

The weather on the day was a sunny autumn day, and over 16,000 runners from all over the country gathered under the perfect marathon weather. However, runners had also thoroughly prepared for the heat due to the strong sunlight and rising temperatures.

On the course that runs through the three cities of Takaoka, Imizu, and Toyama, the runners aimed for the goal while receiving many cheers from the roadside. Especially when passing through the Shinminato Bridge, the beautiful scenery delighted the runners’ eyes.

In the men’s division, Takumi Oishi from Shizuoka Prefecture won the race with a good record of 2 hours, 24 minutes, and 12 seconds. The competition was held for the eighth time this year, and it was the first full-scale event in four years due to the impact of the new coronavirus following the previous year.

The Toyama Marathon is not only a place for challengers to show their best performance, but also a major event that brings the region together. Indeed, on the day, not only participants but also many spectators and volunteers gathered to create a sense of unity.

The Toyama Marathon will continue to attract runners not only from Toyama but also from all over the country. Its charm lies not only in the sense of accomplishment of running through a tough course, but also in the warm cheers from the roadside and the welcoming of the local people.


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