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Hubert Davis’s Unique Coaching Strategy: Fostering Team Success through Personal Engagements at North Carolina

In nearly three years as North Carolina’s head basketball coach, Hubert Davis has held a unique stipulation for his players. Each of them is required to visit his office at least once a week. A cornerstone of this approach is his star player, Armando Bacot.

The Davis-Bacot relationship is a clear illustration of this coaching strategy. Since assuming his role, Davis has insisted on these regular meetings, designed to foster strong relationships, mutual understanding and character development within his team. It’s an unconventional method, but one that Davis faithfully executes.

Armando Bacot, a prominent figure on the team, vividly encapsulates the benefits of such personal engagements. These sessions have contributed to Bacot’s impressive performance on the court, as they allow Davis to guide him personally, understanding his strengths and weaknesses, fostering a supportive atmosphere, and driving his athletic growth.

From personal mentoring to strategizing, Davis’s unique approach has undoubtedly impacted North Carolina’s basketball journey. The investment into individual relationships such as with Bacot has solidified the team’s unity, proving successful within their competitive landscape. Thus, despite being almost three years in, Davis’ methods continue to positively reshape North Carolina’s basketball profile.


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