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Key to Miyako Stakes Forecast: Warning on ‘Fortune’ Drawn by Horse Aged 5 and Above and Jockey Yoji Fumoto

The Miyako Stakes is a Grade 3 race held by the Japan Racing Association at the Kyoto Racecourse every November. Its name is derived from the host city, Kyoto, formerly known as Miyako. This event attracts top-tier jockeys and horses from all over Japan, creating a fiercely competitive arena.

The keyword that caught my attention this time, provided by Yuki Tomita of TV Tokyo, is ‘Age 5 and up! Issuing a lucky caution warning!’ But what exactly does this mean? This phrase points out that horses aged 5 and older tend to show outstanding performance in the Miyako Stakes. It implies that these mature horses, with a higher amount of racing experience, are more likely to score well in this race.

Moreover, the portion that says ‘Issuing a lucky caution warning!’ refers to the fact that jockey Hiromi Yotsuji has frequently achieved good results in the Miyako Stakes. Yotsuji’s consistent riding style and strategies can be interpreted as key factors for success in this race.

Considering these elements, when forecasting the horse racing prospect and betting prediction for the Miyako stakes, it seems beneficial to pay close attention to the combination of horses aged 5 and up, and jockey Hiromi Yotsuji.


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