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Sota Fujii, the Shogi King, Achieves Eight Crowns at 21 and Continues Winning Streak – The New Legendary Stage of Shogi

The young genius of the shogi world, 21-year-old King Sota Fujii, and the experienced 31-year-old Ryuya Sugai had a match as the 4th round of the 73rd ALSOK Cup King Match. The venue was ‘Auberge Tokiwa’ in Tachikawa City, Tokyo, where the match began at 9 a.m.

This game was an important battle for Fujii to prove that he was the strongest active player with eight titles, while for Sugai, it was his first challenge in the King Match. However, the result was a fourth consecutive victory for King Fujii, who further carved his legend.

Unbelievably, King Sota Fujii has already won eight titles at the young age of 21. This includes the titles of Dragon King, Meijin, King, Ei-ou, Successful King, Chess King, and Kisei. And if he wins this game, he will successfully defend his ‘King’ title.

On the second day of the match, the 8th, Sugai made a vigorous effort near the match venue, but the result was three consecutive wins by King Fujii. This means Fujii has won the 4th round of the 73rd ALSOK Cup.

This high-tension battle, which foreshadows the future of the shogi world, will surely bring more excitement and tension. It was the moment when a new legend of Sota Fujii, the eighth crown, began on this stage where new and old strong players clash.


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