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Brockmans Gin Expands Product Range with Debut of Berry Royale Liqueur: A Unique Blend for Gin Lovers and Sophistication Seekers

English gin brand Brockmans has made an exciting announcement that it is expanding its product range with the introduction of its first liqueur, Berry Royale. Unveiled on Wednesday, the new product is a distinctively flavoured drink with an Alcohol by Volume (ABV) of 25%.

Berry Royale has been created with intention to be paired with sparkling wine, opening a spectrum of new drink possibilities. Its launch allows Brockmans to tap into the ongoing trend of flavoured gin products, creating a unique offering within this dynamic market.

The introduction of Berry Royale signifies Brockmans’ commitment to innovation within the gin industry. The flavorful profile combined with the intended pairing could indeed be just the twist your next gin cocktail needs.

Combining the popularity of gin with the sophistication of sparkling wine, Berry Royale is expected to offer a delightful experience to gin lovers and enthusiasts. This innovation from Brockmans stands as evidence of the brand’s dedication to offering high-quality, unique products to its customers.


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