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Funimation to Crunchyroll Migration Sparks Debate: Impact on Subscription Prices, Access to Digital Copies, and Evolving Anime Streaming Landscape

The anime streaming landscape is evolving significantly as Funimation begins migrating existing subscribers to Crunchyroll – a development that has left fans divided. This move will impact your subscription prices and notably, your access to Funimation digital copies.

This transition comes as Sony, owner of the two platforms, consolidates its anime streaming services. As a result, users will experience a price increase, in exchange for a greatly expanded library of anime films and shows.

However, a major point of contention is the elimination of digital copies of DVD or Blu-ray content. Subscribers have expressed their frustration online, following Crunchyroll’s announcement that it will not support digital copies originally possessed through Funimation. This means that, despite merging some time ago, subscribers will lose access to digital copies of purchased anime Blu-rays and DVDs they had access to on Funimation.

A statement issued reaffirms, “we understand your concerns about your digital copies from Funimation. Please note that Crunchyroll does not currently support Funimation Digital copies.”

This is essentially erasing users’ libraries of purchased content under Funimation as it shutters operations and transitions users to Crunchyroll. It’s a move that hasn’t sat well with many fans, and continues to cause discussions in the anime streaming community.


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