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Google launches conversational AI ‘Gemini’ and premium feature-rich version ‘Gemini Advanced’ – dedicated app also launched for Android.

Google has renamed its conversational AI ‘Bard’ and its generative AI service ‘Duet AI’ to ‘Gemini’, and has begun offering a more advanced version of the service named ‘Gemini Advanced’, for a fee. ‘Gemini’ is a new model that has significantly evolved from the previous generation AI ‘Bard’. It generates answers quickly in natural sentences when users input questions, thanks to its more natural text generation ability.

The newly launched ‘Gemini Advanced’ has capabilities to meet more advanced needs, and its multifunctional package is offered on a monthly subscription base. Additionally, to use ‘Gemini Advanced’, individuals will need to subscribe to the paid plan ‘Google One AI Premium’.

Furthermore, Google has also started offering a dedicated ‘Gemini’ app for Android. While there is currently no dedicated app for iOS users, they can access the ‘Gemini’ service through the ‘Google’ app.

As of February 8, 2024, Google has also started offering its most high-performance AI model ‘Gemini Ultra’. ‘Gemini Ultra’ is incorporated into Google’s products, seemingly signaling further advancements in AI technology.


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