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Launch of SpaceOne’s first ‘Kairos’ unit postponed due to safety measures from intruding ship.

Recently, the emerging space-related company, Space One (Tokyo), announced a delay to the scheduled launch of its first ‘Kyros’ vehicle.

Space One was planning to launch the first ‘Kyros’ small rocket from Japan’s first private rocket launch site, ‘Spaceport Kii,’ located in Kushimoto Town, Wakayama Prefecture. However, the launch scheduled around 11:17 AM on the 9th was postponed because a ship entered the caution zone set up in the sea for safety measures.

Space One, which has been funded by Canon Electronics, IHI’s subsidiary, and others, was receiving significant attention for this launch, being a domestic startup. Nevertheless, due to the issue that occurred, the launch has been postponed to after the 13th.

It should be mentioned that it is the first ‘Kyros’ vehicle, a small solid fuel rocket, whose launch was postponed, which can be considered as a major step in our journey toward space development. Prioritizing safety, Space One is preparing for another launch.

So, there you have it, the delay of the launch of Space One’s first ‘Kyros’ small rocket. There is a lot of focus on the impacts on the industry and the future trends.


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