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Successful Launch of JAXA’s Next-Generation Main Rocket ‘H3’ No. 2: Japan’s Space Development Advances to a New Stage

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has successfully launched the second ‘H3’ flagship rocket of the next generation from Tanegashima Space Center at 9:22 AM on February 17th. The rocket was successfully inserted into its target orbit, and its flight proceeded as planned.

The H3 rocket is being developed by JAXA in conjunction with the Japanese industry, as part of the first all-vehicle development project since the H-Ⅱ rocket. The goals of the development include cost reduction and reliability improvement, among many others.

This successful launch of the H3 rocket is a first, representing a significant step in Japan’s competitive space development. As global competition in space development intensifies daily, the newly developed H3 rocket is expected to further enhance Japan’s competitiveness.

Following the launch, JAXA held a press conference to communicate details and future plans. With the successful launch of the second ‘H3’ rocket, Japan’s space development project is set to enter a new phase.


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