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UEFA Champions League Last-16: Heavyweights Real Madrid and RB Leipzig Battle it Out, Jon Eimer Weighs In – A Paramount+ Exclusive Viewing Experience

The UEFA Champions League is moving intrepidly into the last-16 stage, with the heavyweight clash between Real Madrid and RB Leipzig taking center stage. Esteemed sports expert Jon Eimer has secured his top picks and anticipates an intriguing match this Tuesday. The face-off is set to happen at 3 p.m. ET / noon PT.

Notably, the unpredictable RB Leipzig hosts the bout, adding a unique dynamic. Despite being inconsistent this season, Leipzig poses a potent threat that Real Madrid should not overlook. On the other hand, “Los Blancos” have had their challenges as well, struggling this season and recording their worst campaign in the UWCL.

Interestingly, the match will be available on Paramount+, providing a chance for Real Madrid fans worldwide to follow the action live as the Spanish giants endeavour to maintain their pursuit of another UCL title.

Today’s clash is one of several that commence the last-16 stage, with another notable match being Copenhaguen against Manchester City. Undoubtedly, this week’s series of matches are set to keep football enthusiasts on the edge of their seats.


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