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Valentine’s Day: From Traditional Romance to Celebrating Love in All Its Forms – A North Carolinian Perspective

Valentine’s Day, the day of love, brings a warm glow to the hearts of many. No one could argue that chocolate and flowers symbolize this day better. Infused with love, these traditional tokens of affection represent the beauty and sweetness of loving relationships.

A majority of North Carolinians (54%), for instance, revel in the joy of giving gifts on this special day. However, this act of love often extends solely to romantic partners for about 58% of the respondents. Despite this, the essence of Valentine’s Day is expanding beyond this traditional definition of love.

Embodying this change, OAK is hosting a unique event this Valentine’s Day: a visit from Valley Humane Society’s Canine Comfort Pet-Assisted Therapy team. Five dogs, dressed in Valentine’s Day attire, will bring a different kind of love and joy to people, stressing that love isn’t confined solely to romantic affairs.

Indeed, Marcy and Bob are one couple profoundly cognizant of this broader appreciation of love on Valentine’s Day. Having experienced a healing heart, they cannot be more thankful for the love they share — a testament that this day is not only about roses and chocolates but also about cherishment and gratitude.

From romantic to platonic to self-love, the meaning of Valentine’s Day is continually evolving today, becoming a celebration of love in all its forms. Ultimately, it underscores that every day can be a day of love, if we allow it to be.


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