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Romancing History: The Celebration of Love in Terni, Italy – The Birthplace of Saint Valentine and the Global Epicenter of Valentine’s Day

Each February 14, visitors from around the globe gather in Terni, Italy, also known as the “city of love”. Terni is hailed as the birthplace of third-century martyr Saint Valentine, the iconic figure associated with the celebration of love and affection on Valentine’s Day.

Interestingly, Terni’s branding as the “city of love” is a relatively recent phenomenon. This contemporary identity draws heavily from its historical association with Saint Valentine, who served as a Bishop here in the third-century. He was widely recognized for his benevolent deeds and his practice of performing clandestine marriages for soldiers, an act which eventually led to his martyrdom.

The energy in Terni during Valentine’s Day is palpable, as tourists throng the city to pay homage to Saint Valentine and indulge in the spirit of love. They visit his Basilica, patronize local businesses and partake in the city’s cultural events designed to commemorate Saint Valentine’s legacy. The city has fully embraced its romantic identity, creating a unique fusion of ancient lore and modern love that lures visitors year after year. In essence, Terni embodies the timeless spirit of Saint Valentine, intertwining romantic traditions with history, and further solidifying its position as a must-visit destination for lovers worldwide.


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