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Morning Lightning: The Dedicated Entrepreneur Terri Treibler’s Symbolic Journey in the Arizona Skies

Terri Treibler is a devoted entrepreneur and an early bird, always first to rise in the small Arizona town of Fountain Hills. Her popular business, Sun Baked Food 4 the Soul, requires her unwavering dedication and commitment, and Terri wouldn’t have it any other way.

One particular morning, Terri was deep in her usual restful sleep, recharging for another dynamic and satisfying day at her establishment. The peace of the early hours wasn’t meant to last, however. Lightning, as sudden as it was brilliant, started tearing across the Arizona sky. A bright, jagged bolt illuminated Terri’s room, abruptly pulling her from her dreams.

Residing in a region known for its dramatic, otherworldly displays of nature, Terri had grown used to the power and beauty of lightning displays. Yet, every instance was a stark reminder of the raw power she shared her mornings with every day. Rising to prepare for her day, she was left with a heightened respect for nature and a reinforced commitment to her passion – feeding souls with love and virtually sun-baked foods.


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