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Number 11 favorite, Peptide Nile, triumphs in the 41st February Stakes – A surprising result carves a new history

On February 18, 2024, at the Tokyo Racecourse, the 41st February Stakes were won by the eleventh favorite, Peptide Nile. The race was held over 1600 meters on the dirt track, with Peptide Nile racing out of the Takehide-chi stable, ridden by jockey Yosuke Fujita.

Also of note was that jockey Lemaire rode a horse from the Owada stable, with pre-race attention focused on the two of them. However, the result was a surprising victory for Peptide Nile, overturning their low-ranking status.

In horse racing predictions, theories such as ‘signal betting’ exist which attempt to predict successful horses using their names or symbolic words. This outcome overturned those theories.

Peptide Nile, also the winner of last year’s JBC Classic, is the son of Sinister Minister and his elder full-brother Kingsguard is the winner of the Procyon S. Following in their steps, Peptide Nile achieved his first G1 victory in this February Stakes.

Furthermore, it was also a race where the captain of the Winning Horse Racing Family, Watanabe, personally staked 10,000 yen aiming for a million yen hit. A lottery for a Betting Ticket Gift was also held, with the distribution of 10,000 yen worth of tickets per person and the announcement of the winners.

Amid a flurry of various topics, Peptide Nile excited the racecourse with a stunning run, marking a new history. The result holds great promise for his future success.


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