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Rapiscan Systems and Mijenta Tequila: New Premier Partners of LPGA Tour Hosted by Seri Pak, Marking Strategic Brand Outreach in Women’s Golf

Rapiscan Systems and Mijenta Tequila have recently taken center stage in the world of golf by securing the title of premier partners for the celebrated LPGA Tour event. This prestigious event is hosted by Hall-of-Famer Seri Pak, widely recognized for her extraordinary contribution to the sport.

Rapiscan Systems, a global leader in security inspection solutions, steps into the golfing arena demonstrating a strategic move beyond its core offerings. With this partnership, it aims to reinforce its ​global brand recognition and show support for women in sports.

For Mijenta Tequila, an artisanal spirit that merges traditional methods with a sustainable approach, this partnership is a way to associate itself with one of the most respected brands in professional women’s sports while promoting its premium products. It can help boost awareness about the brand among a target audience that appreciates both the exciting sport of golf and the refined pleasure of well-crafted tequilas.

The decision to bring on board these premier partners points to a lucid strategy of attracting and integrating businesses that align with the values held by the LPGA Tour and its attendees. In turn, both Rapiscan Systems and Mijenta Tequila get to benefit from this prominent positioning in the golfing world.


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