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Ricky Stanicky: A Misfire in Comedy from Peter Farrelly, Saved by Commendable Performances

“Ricky Stanicky” marks Peter Farrelly’s return to the comedy genre he once championed. However, this latest offering shows him veering into juvenile and joyless territory, with humor propagating from drawn-out jokes and cringe comedy. This film, about three childhood friends and their fabricated scapegoat, struggles to take flight despite the commendable performance from its musclebound star.

Playing on the worn-out tropes of bottom shelf masturbation punchlines, “Ricky Stanicky’s” humor falls flat frequently, making it a challenge to enjoy. Prime Video hosts this cartoonish tale where the protagonists face the repercussions of their lifelong lie, but the movie rarely manages to incite genuine amusement.

Nonetheless, it is hard to ignore the commitment of the leads. Zac Efron and John Cena carry the narrative, with Cena particularly standing out for his dedicated portrayal. His acting evokes comparisons to Daniel Day-Lewis in terms of commitment, although in the universe of absurd performances. One of the notable scenes includes Cena singing masturbation parody songs, providing one of the few genuinely funny moments.

“Ricky Stanicky” is now available for viewing on Amazon Prime. The comprehensive schedule and locations for watching this new Peter Farrelly film can easily be found and followed. Despite its shortcomings, the committed performances are worth a look for keen comedy enthusiasts.


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