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Jameis Winston Poised to Sign One-Year $8.7 Million Contract with Cleveland Browns as Back-Up Quarterback

NFL insider Jordan Schultz has reported that Jameis Winston, former quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, will be signing a one-year contract with the Cleveland Browns. The contract is reportedly worth $8.7 million. Winston, an admired player for Saints fans, is set to switch gears from the Big Easy to join the Browns. This sudden development fulfills the Browns’ need for a backup quarterback.

This decision comes as the Browns have narrowed their focus on their backup quarterback for Deshaun Watson. The club has finalized contract terms with Winston, a former No. 1, showing a calculated move on their part. Winston is “close” to finalizing this one-year deal, a substantial move in his career.

The strategic signing will position Winston as the successor for Joe Flacco as the No. 2 quarterback. Flacco previously joined Cleveland in the middle of the last season, replacing a position vacated due to a season-ending shoulder injury.

Having formerly played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before the Saints, Winston’s reported move is stirring excitement in the team’s circles, according to sources. This signing aligns with the Browns’ continuous efforts to solidify their quarterback roster.


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