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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Motion to Oust House Speaker Mike Johnson: Intrigues and Implications for Republican Leadership

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has reportedly filed a motion to remove Mike Johnson from his position as Speaker, an act of dissent within House Republicans. Sources indicate that the Georgia Republican is discontented with Johnson’s leadership, though the specifics remain undisclosed. This is not the first time the Republicans are seeking to depose an elected leader, as less than a year ago, a similar motion was filed.

The motion submitted by Greene can lead to the Speaker’s removal with the majority of votes. However, the approach of the House towards this attempt remains uncertain. Nonetheless, it signifies the shaky footing of House Speaker Mike Johnson, who might be on the brink of expulsion.

Underlining Greene’s strategic move, she hasn’t specified a timeline for the voting on the measure, also known as a motion to vacate. Although Greene isn’t rushing into forcing a vote, her action paves the way for one, stirring unease within the House.

The motion comes from Greene, a hard-right figure in her party’s caucus, who has previously effectuated a similar procedure to expunge former Speaker Kevin McCarthy. This motion was filed coincidentally as the House cast their votes. Whether this motion will lead to the same outcome for Johnson as it did for McCarthy is yet to be seen.


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