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Veteran Quarterback Carson Wentz Expected to Join LA Rams as Second String, Offering Potential Career Reboot Amid Recent Struggles

Veteran quarterback Carson Wentz is slated to join the Los Angeles Rams, according to reports from NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero and ESPN’s Adam Schefter earlier this week. The acquisition comes with the expectation that Wentz will hold the position of immediate No. 2 behind the regular backup. This follows Wentz’s release from the Commanders in March.

Wentz’s journey in the NFL has seen its share of highs and lows. He started in Philadelphia with considerable promise, but his stint ended after a series of disappointments – a back injury that cut short his return to the starting lineup and the loss of the Eagles’ Super Bowl run to his substitute, Nick Foles. Subsequent disappointing stops at Indianapolis and Washington have raised questions about his suitability.

The Rams hope to use Wentz’s experience to provide stability at the quarterback position, especially amidst the recent uncertain fitness of their regular quarterback, Matt Stafford, who’s been dealing with a sprained thumb ligament. The signing is considered symbiotic, giving the Rams an experienced backup, and potentially offering Wentz a route to reclaim his standing in the league.


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