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National and Local Eateries Honor Veterans’ Sacrifices with Complimentary Meals and Discounts on Veterans Day

On Veterans Day, national chains, local restaurants, and eateries across the country show their appreciation to those who have served our country by offering free meals or discounts. Notably, Applebee’s treats veterans and active-duty military personnel to a complimentary meal on the Saturday of the Veterans Day weekend. At all Applebee’s branches, they can enjoy a free meal from a selection of 8 entrées.

A special mention goes to Blue Rock Bar & Grill and The Brewery in Salem, both setting an example by commemorating the holiday with free offerings. Blue Rock Bar & Grill provides a free lunch entrée on Veterans Day for veterans and active-duty military individuals. Additionally, The Brewery in Salem extends its generosity by offering a complimentary basket meal up to $10 on Saturday

These meal deals and discounts aren’t limited to Saturday alone; some establishments opt to extend their promotions throughout the weekend or even until Monday, catering to active, non-active, and retired military personnel.

The generosity extended by these businesses on Veterans Day, whether it be through free meals or discounts, is not just a token of appreciation, but a tribute to the men and women who have made sacrifices in the service of our country. This Veterans Day, all service members are invited to partake in these meals as a sincere thank you for their duty.


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