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Celebrating Thanksgiving with Flyers: Unveiling Culinary Adventures with Mashed Potatoes and HoneyBaked Ham

Mashed potatoes – a staple in many households, are a beloved dish adored by millions globally. Add-ons like dill, tarragon, or other herbs can add a pinch of novelty to traditional mashed potatoes and set your culinary creativity alight. However, alcohol is not generally recommended when creating your flavored mash.

Everyone has their preferences, most lean into a plate piled high with creamy, fluffy mashed potatoes, while others find comfort in a slice of HoneyBaked ham. But how do these preferences unfold in the adventurous Thanksgiving Day plans of Flyers, you might ask?

Flyers, with their busy schedule, value their Thanksgiving Day off. With time on their side, they have the luxury to delve into their preferences, experiment with their potato mash, or maybe pair it with a delicious HoneyBaked ham. Perhaps even some of the Flyers might get adventurous and explore new flavor combinations!

Either way, everyone agrees that the joy of Thanksgiving lies in the spirit of togetherness, festive feasting, towels off in the kitchen, and of course – copious amounts of flavorful mashed potatoes.


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