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2023-24 College Football Playoffs: Official Schedule, How to Watch, and What to Expect

The College Football Playoff schedule for the 2023-24 season has been officially confirmed, offering fans clarity around the dates and how to catch up with all the gridiron action.

The playoff series typically commences in late December and concludes with the national championship occurring in early January of the next year. Traditionally, the semi-final games are played over the New Year’s Eve or New Year’s day, while the National Championship game date varies. The two semi-final matchups ensure the top ranking teams go head-to-head, creating nail-biting action, while the finalists fight fiercely to be crowned national champions.

The CFP games are broadcast on ESPN, ensuring a vast audience can enjoy the clashes. Furthermore, ESPN’s digital platforms also provide live streams for fans willing to follow the action online. For cable subscribers, games are accessible via the ESPN app, and watching online can also be facilitated by subscribing to ESPN’s streaming service, ESPN+.

The College Football Playoff schedule offers an end-of-year spectacle where the best college teams compete on a national platform. Stay tuned, and make sure you don’t miss any of the action.


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