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Actor Jonathan Majors Accused of Abuse in Ongoing Misdemeanor Assault Case: Ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari Testifies in Lower Manhattan Courtroom

The ongoing misdemeanor assault case trial involving Jonathan Majors continued on Tuesday in a Lower Manhattan courtroom where Grace Jabbari testified against the actor. Jabbari, the accuser in the case, took the stand on the second day of the trial, providing her account of the alleged incidents of abuse.

Jabbari, the ex-girlfriend of Majors, claimed that the actor was prone to fits of rage that escalated in the months leading up to his arrest. She elaborated on the circumstances of their relationship which started on a film set, alleging that it turned abusive over time.

During her testimony, she drew a vivid picture of the expectations Majors had in their relationship. On one of the recordings, Majors reportedly stated, “I’m a great man. A great man,” and demanded Jabbari’s support as if he was the president and she was the first lady.

Jabbari’s testimony took place while Majors, who was accompanied by his current girlfriend Meagan Good, sat in the New York City courtroom. The trial continues to unfold, shedding light on the alleged history of abuse by the actor.


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