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Shohei Ohtani appointed as brand ambassador for Dip Corporation – The stock price temporarily increases by 8.9%, with anticipation for more utilization of the job site ‘Baitoru.’

Shohei Ohtani, a Major League Baseball player, was appointed as the brand ambassador for Dip Corporation on the 15th. Dip Corporation is a leading company in the HR services business, operating job sites such as ‘Baitoru’, and after the announcement, the stock prices temporarily rose by 8.9%, recording the highest day time increase since April 2022.

High expectations are placed on Ohtani, who held a press conference to join the Los Angeles Dodgers in the afternoon of the same day, and his role as the new brand ambassador is attracting a great deal of attention. In addition, it is expected that Ohtani will influence many people through job information sites such as ‘Baitoru’ and ‘Baitoru NEXT’.

The appointment of Ohtani as the brand ambassador is believed to further enhance the brand power of Dip Corporation, and also contribute to the promotion and utilization of the job site ‘Baitoru’.


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