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Apple TV+’s Mixed Bag Release: ‘The Family Plan’ Blends Action and Comedy with Mark Wahlberg in the Lead

“The Family Plan,” directed by Simon Cellan Jones, is a recent addition to the catalogue of Apple TV+, featuring a remarkable cast including Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Monaghan, Zoe Margaret Colletti, and Van Crosby. Essentally, “The Family Plan” is a unique blend of “The Pacifier” and “Mission: Impossible III,” being an action-comedy that charts the chaotic road trip of an average suburban family running from the father’s violent ex-associates.

Unfortunately, the film does often miss the mark on critical pillars of movie making – relatable human behavior and humor. Critics argue that the film consistently fails to establish a foundation of identifiable human interactions and struggles to supplement this shortcoming with neither laughs nor thrills. However, Mark Wahlberg shared a different perspective, suggesting that “The Family Plan” makes for a great family movie that parents would endure for their children or vice versa.

The film appears to follow an unconventional trend of resurrecting vibes from “True Lies,” similar to how CBS cancelled a series based on the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger film. Indeed, “The Family Plan” may not tick all the boxes, blending an unusual mix of action and comedy, yet it remains a unique addition to the genre.


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