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Referee team from Africa in charge, FIFA Club World Cup Quarterfinals: Leon from Mexico vs Urawa Reds from Japan.

The International Football Federation (FIFA) announced on the 13th about the referees for the quarterfinals of the Club World Cup. This match will be held on the 15th between Leon from Mexico and Urawa Reds from Japan.

The referee team has been announced to be selected from Africa. The main referee and assistant referees have been carefully selected to ensure fairness and impartiality in the match, avoiding the stern eyes of match-related individuals and spectators. The referee team from Africa possesses experience and reliability in international tournaments.

Both Leon and Urawa Reds are expected to deploy strategic matches. Urawa Reds will leverage the momentum of their ACL victory, while Leon will face the match backed by cheers from local Mexican supporters.

This quarterfinal is one of the tournaments that attracts attention from football fans all over the world, and its result will greatly influence the next match. They hope that the referee team from Africa will ensure fairness and impartiality while properly conducting the match, and both fans and teams will greet a fair match result.


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