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Turquoise Stakes 2023: Fear’s Pride’s First Major Victory and Characteristics of Nakayama Racecourse

The Turquoise Stakes is a Grade 3 (G3) race that is specifically designed for female horses. It’s held annually in December at the Nakayama Racecourse. This relatively new race was established in 2015 and is performed in a handicap format. It is highly anticipated by both competing horses and fans alike as a stage for female horses to demonstrate their power.

The annual Turquoise Stakes event, which took place on December 16, 2023, was marked by heated competition. The horses that garnered the most attention were ‘Conacoast’, which came in second in this year’s Sakura Stakes, and ‘Miss New York’, which was aiming for its third consecutive win in the Turquoise Stakes. Conacoast was the 15th competitor, while Miss New York took the 5th spot.

Additionally, predictions were also made using a prediction blend machine called ‘Deep’. As a result, ‘Fierce Pride’, which was the favorite in the ninth Turquoise Stakes, won with a time of 1 minute 32.7 seconds, achieving its first major victory. The race, which was beautifully run by jockey Christophe Lemaire, was a hot topic.

The Turquoise Stakes is held over a distance of 1600 meters on the turf of Nakayama Racecourse. The race, held during the autumn Tokyo meeting, is typically over 1800 meters of turf, making this distance a unique one. This distance serves as fertile ground to bring out the maximum performance of the female horses, contributing to the birth of strong female horses.

Finally, we introduce the ‘Longshot Prediction’ and ‘Banker Horse Prediction’ provided by Umayo, based on the free information from the horse racing prediction website. The predictions and tips from Umayo are valuable reference material for horse racing lovers.

This concludes the report on the Turquoise Stakes and its venue, the Nakayama Racecourse. We look forward to another lively race next year.


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