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Zen Wrestling: How ‘The Monk’ is Revolutionizing Sports and Social Media Through Buddhist Principles

The Dutch wrestler turned social media influencer known as “The Monk” is transforming the world of sports and social media through his unique integration of Buddhist principles in his competitive life.

The Monk’s journey towards wrestling stardom started uniquely, focusing not just on physical competitive elements but also on mindfulness and inner peace. He derived these from Buddhism, a practice he adopted after an encounter with a Buddhist monk during a trip to Asia. He identified with the religion’s values of compassion, wisdom, and peace, applying them to his wrestling competitions and everyday life.

Buddhism in wrestling proved to be powerful for the Monk. It facilitated mental calmness and lucidity even amidst adrenaline-filled matches, giving him the agility to focus on strategy and implement them effectively. His approach has projected him, not just to the pinnacle of wrestling glory but also into becoming a social media influencer, sharing his journey and principles.

Moreover, his influence isn’t lonesome; it’s a dual-force, shared with his identical twin brother. They’ve been a formidable pair, incorporating Buddhism’s peaceful yet assiduous nature into wrestling and social media influencing. Undoubtedly, these twins are revolutionising sports and social media landscapes by integrating spirituality and demonstrating that success can be achieved mindfully and peacefully. Their story is a testament to how spiritual influences can synergise with contemporary careers to birth novel approaches to success.


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