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Naoya Inoue vs Hosber Perez: The Intense First Defense Fight and the Appeal of Boxing

The match between Naoya Inoue and Hosber Perez drew intense attention as it was the WBA World Super Flyweight title match held at the comprehensive sports hall in Ota Ward, Tokyo. This was Inoue’s first title defense match. His performance was a crucial moment proving Inoue’s skills and underlying passion.

Inoue faced the match as the WBA world super flyweight champion, and also had his first title defense match against Perez, the challenger. This title match for players under 52.1 kilograms was a fierce battle where both players utilized their respective tactics and skills.

Furthermore, this match, which served as the main event of the distinctive event ‘LifeTime Boxing Fights18’, was highly anticipated by the audience. Inoue and Perez faced each other one-on-one in the ring, and it was interesting to see how each player would unfold their strategies and overwhelm in the ring.

The Inoue vs Perez match, a fateful match for the WBA Super Flyweight class, attracted the audience with its intense combat, reaffirming the appeal of boxing as a sport. This also tells the story of how seriously Naoya Inoue challenged himself to achieve his first defense of the world title.


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