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Ren Hiramoto defeats YA-MAN in a decision victory, CEO Sakakibara pays tribute to fighters who shined in RIZIN.45 – a martial arts event at Saitama Super Arena.

The martial arts event ‘RIZIN.45’ was held on December 31 at the Saitama Super Arena. In the main event, Ren Hiramoto and YA-MAN clashed. The bout was fought under MMA rules (3R, each 5 minutes), with Ren Hiramoto securing a unanimous decision victory by 3-0.

Hiramoto and YA-MAN had long been in opposition, but on this day they finally exchanged blows. Even before the match, both sides engaged in a fierce war of words, stirring up the fans. The result was that Ren Hiramoto, often referred to as ‘the beautiful rat,’ defeated YA-MAN, the ‘King of Street Fight.’

After all the matches were finished, Nobuyuki Sakakibara, CEO of RIZIN, held a press conference. Sakakibara addressed the match results and expressed his respect to all the athletes who made RIZIN.45 such a dramatic stage. He made special mention to Ren Hiramoto and Mikuru Asakura, who both performed excellently in this tournament.

‘RIZIN.45’ at the Saitama Super Arena on New Year’s Eve was a day intertwined with heated battles and excitement. Through their fight in the ring, the athletes not only achieved victory but also saw their own growth, preparing themselves for the new year ahead.


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