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Super Tuesday Disrupted: Technical Glitches Cause Massive Outage on Facebook and Instagram During Key Election Day

On Super Tuesday, one of the key election days, Facebook experienced an unexpected outage, affecting many users across the U.S. Users reported difficulties accessing their Facebook, Instagram, FB Messenger, and Threads accounts that morning.

The reported technical issues interrupted the activities of many users on Meta’s social media platforms. At the peak of this disruption, more than 500,000 outages were recorded, conveying the widespread nature of the issue. These technical glitches caused users not only to be abruptly ejected from their Facebook or Instagram profiles but also unable to log back in.

Both Facebook and Instagram were primarily affected, with issues related to logging into these platforms detected by DownDetector. However, the indications were that these problems might have been resolved by March 5, 2024.

By 11:43 AM, things seemed to be taking a more positive turn as some Facebook and Messenger users reported successful attempts at logging back into their accounts. Despite these positive reports, it was clear that the services remained patchy, with Instagram and Threads users continuing to report intermittent issues.


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