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Former WWE Star and Failed Republican Politician, Daniel ‘Big Dan’ Rodimer, Surrenders to Las Vegas Police on Homicide Charges

Former WWE wrestler and disgraced Republican politician, Daniel Rodimer, has surrendered to Las Vegas police on charges related to the homicide of Christopher Tapp. Tapp, who was acquitted of a murder charge, died in the fall of 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The police issued an arrest warrant for Rodimer, who voluntarily turned himself in on Wednesday.

Known as “Big Dan” during his wrestling career, Rodimer transitioned into politics, participating in a special congressional election in Texas during 2021 among 23 other candidates, aiming to fill a vacant seat. Despite his efforts, he failed to secure an electoral victory both in Texas and previous elections in Nevada.

The investigations into Tapp’s murder led to Rodimer, ensuing complications for the once public figure of both wrestling and politics. While previously in the limelight for his achievements and career switches, he enters it once again under less favorable circumstances. The investigation continues as Las Vegas police untangle the events leading to Tapp’s untimely demise.


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