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Suspected Triple Homicide in Pennsylvania by Andre Gordon, 26, Leads to Manhunt and a Developing Hostage Situation in New Jersey

A man identified as Andre Gordon, aged 26, is reported to have forced his entry into two residences in Falls Township, Pennsylvania, on Saturday morning, resulting in the tragic deaths of three individuals. Law enforcement officials have confirmed the victims as Gordon’s stepmother, Karen Gordon, his teenage sister, Kera Gordon, and Taylor Daniel, mother to his two children. Following the heinous act, the suspect is believed to have fled to Trenton, New Jersey, where he has barricaded himself inside a home.

The brutal incident, which unfolded in Falls Township, led to residents receiving a shelter-in-place directive from the authorities. This action precedes a subsequent lifting of the directive after initial investigations revealed the gunman had escaped to Trenton.

Multiple law enforcement agencies have since arrived on the scene outside the house in North Trenton, NJ, where they suspect Andre Gordon to be held up. Confirmation from the Trenton, NJ police is pending, making this a developing situation that is still unfolding. Meanwhile, residents and law enforcement officers in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, remain shaken by the shocking murders.


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