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Hermès Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Unfair Sales Practices and Antitrust Violation Linked to Exclusive Birkin Bags

The renowned French luxury brand Hermès, notorious for its exclusive and highly sought-after Birkin bags, has been named in a proposed federal class-action lawsuit. Filed in San Francisco, the lawsuit alleges that Hermès is engaged in an act of ‘tying’. This involves forcing customers to build a “sufficient purchase history” by buying other Hermès items before they can acquire the coveted Birkin bag, thus allegedly violating antitrust law and engaging in unfair competition.

Birkin bags, notorious for their exclusivity and sky-high prices, are a status symbol among the affluent. This exclusivity is part of the brand’s appeal, but it is now under scrutiny due to allegations of unfair sales practices. The lawsuit was initiated by two California residents who attempted to buy Birkin bags but were reportedly told by Hermès employees that they needed to purchase other items first.

While many Birkin enthusiasts argue that the bag’s exclusivity is its core charm, the plaintiffs have deemed this policy an “unlawful practice”. This case brings to light the complex dynamics at play when exclusivity and consumer rights intersect in the world of luxury fashion.


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